New Album "Hatred Index" Coming soon...

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Death Metal Metal Progressive

"New Album "Hatred Index" Coming soon..."

The formation of Witch Casket began in 2013 when ex-Sothis guitarist Colin "Nylock" Cameron and guitarist Neal Tiemann started working on writing songs together in Nylock's Los Angeles studio. Once a majority of the songs had been written, ex-Sothis vocalist Adam "Drogoth" McCarthy was brought on to handle writing lyrics and recording vocals. Originally formed simply as a studio project, all musical instrumentation was composed and executed by both Nylock and Tiemann. The album in its entirety was also produced, engineered, and mixed by Nylock himself in his personal Hollywood studio, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. The album was completed with this lineup, however towards the end of the recording process, Tiemann departed the project to focus on writing for and touring with established SoCal metal band "Devildriver". As completion of the band's debut album "Hatred Index" approached, live rehearsals were started with the addition of ex-Sothis guitarist Robert "Scathe" Enriquez, bassist Aramis Arredondo, and drummer Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs. With the debut album recorded and the formation of the live band complete, Witch Casket are poised to explode on the metal scene with a crushing brutality, a high-energy live show, and are ready to deliver to the masses their unique brand of Melodic Blackened Death Metal.

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