Ted West

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Jazz Pop Rock

"Popedose says: 'Ted blends urban decay & psychedelia, often melding the two together to create a sound that’s modern Los Angeles — an updated Morrison.'"

Ted West started his career in the entertainment industry as a stage actor, specializing in character work, with roles that varied from Pharaoh to Elvis. A few years back his then-girlfriend was pursuing a career as a recording artist and Ted found himself tagging along to many of the famed Los Angeles recording studios. Fate intervened one day after a producer asked Ted to sing a Capella. Suffice it to say; his relationship didn’t pan out but he returned to the studio several months later to record his own songs at the behest of the producer. While it seems like a sharp turn of events, the seeds of West’s songwriting career had been gestating for a lifetime. Like his hero Jim Morison, he carried around a book of poetry he started as a teenager – of which many of the songs on his new album were drawn from. When the opportunity to record presented itself, he dusted off his originals and also mined his record collection for the most influential musical moments of his youth. His arrangements of Marianne Faithfull and Leonard Cohen showcase a keen ability to crawl inside and breathe new life into the already iconic songs. Ted has also gigged internationally – from Copenhagen to Barcelona and is a regular performer at House of Blues on Sunset. His new album, entitled Soul Survivor, presents West’s eclectic musicality at its most personal. While the album’s name tips its hat to the resurgence of ‘Blue Eyed Soul’, its spiritual overtones are clear. “I’m not really trying to sound commercially appealing” Ted notes. “My heart is really in the performance not the marketplace.” Ted's rich fusion of jazz, rock and americana create a sound he calls 'Ethereal Gypsy'. Drawing upon his talent as an actor and his highly imaginative writing style, one reviewer explains listening To Ted this way: 'you will find yourself in another world, following a story from beginning to end.'

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