A Band Called Pain

  • San Francisco, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Hard Rock Metal

"A Band Called Pain Hard-Rock/Metal music Band"

A Band Called Pain A band called A BAND CALLED PAIN. Call this band what you will, but they cannot be called mediocre. This talented and musically tight foursome inflicts no pain on the ears or minds of listeners. In fact, their well crafted songs propelled by memorable riffs and lyrics, never fail to the capture the audiences' attention - allowing fans to forget about their own pain - even if only for a short while. Since 2001, A BAND CALLED PAIN has been developing their muscular style and entertaining thousands. Allen Richardson (vocals), Shaun Bivens (guitar & b.g. vocals), Tony Providence (drums), and Bryan Dean, a.k.a Dark Kent (bass) form one of the best metal bands in the San Francisco Bay Area. Whichever end of the spectrum a rock connoisseurs taste my lie, ABCP's versatile style satisfies. From ballads to thrash, they do it all, and do it well. Allen's extensive vocal range and heartfelt lyrics, perfectly compliment the brooding music created by the trio of seasoned musicians. Simply put, his onstage demeanor is dynamic - the perfect conduit for the pulsating live energy of the band. Shaun's aggressive guitar riffs, screaming chords, and passionate love of the music shine through in each song. One cannot keep their eyes off of him while he shreds out a solo. Imagine a mad scientist melding the styles of Jimi Hendrix and Zakk Wylde. The ominous beats Tony powerfully pounds onto the drums keep heads banging and crowds dancing. From the sound of it, one could imagine him having an extra set of arms in order to play as complexly as he does. His unique custom 28-inch kick drum provides the larger than life visual and sonics that go hand in hand with the bands vibe. Dark Kent's pocket oriented style and huge tone are the rivets on the track that keeps the train running smoothly. His barefooted playing style shows that he is grounded and at one with both the sound and the audience. Call them brothers in spirit, cousins in life, and a family bonded by rock and roll. A BAND CALLED PAIN is fresh, new, kinetic, energetic, accomplished, unexpected, and really, really good. A BAND CALLED PAIN has been very productive over the last six years and continues to work hard on their present projects. Their first CD, "Broken Dreams" was voted one of the top 10 best California releases of 2006 by Zero Magazine. One track from the album "Holy" was featured on the soundtrack to the hit horror film "SAW 2". A second track, "Hellbound" was played during an episode of Dane Cook's television series on HBO. The buzz began when Billy Steel, the former, but longtime DJ at local rock radio station 107.7 "The Bone” featured ABCP, on the popular show, "The Metal Zone". As quoted by the DJ, "I gotta tell you, your CD is the kind that goes into the CD player and stays there!" A BAND CALLED PAIN has shared stages with great bands such as Living Colour, Mushroomhead, Prong, Shinedown, and many others. They've also played larger gigs such as the Talking House Productions Special Industry Showcase, which included performances by members of Metallica, Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver and Linkin Park. Most recently, ABCP traveled to Austin, Texas to perform at the internationally renowned South by Southwest New Music Festival. Allen Richardson How would one describe the vocal styling and presence of Allen Richardson? A tough question indeed. Maybe the difficulty of the answer itself serves as the most fitting testimony. Meaning that uniqueness is hard to describe and is something that should be witnessed for oneself. On any given night, Allen will conjure up the spirit of performers as divergent as Al Green and Chris Cornell to unleash a front person rarely seen in the world of metal. As an all Black metal band, in a predominantly white genre, A BAND CALLED PAIN immediately puts a fresh spin on the ethos. Similarly, in this era of metal where "cookie monster" vocalists more than often, rule the day, Allen's soulful and commanding voice serves notice that there is more than one way to stir a pit. As a youngster, the multi cultural San Francisco Bay Area was instrumental in developing Allen's vocal consciousness. The various ethnicities, customs, and sounds of the Bay all fed his idea of what he wanted in a musical project. Citing bands such as Black Sabbath, Alcatraz and Iron Maiden, it was the raw sound of metal, however that he wanted as the vehicle to deliver his message. After years of searching and exploring different musical styles and genres Allen has found that vehicle in A BAND CALLED PAIN. Muscular and fierce like the vintage Dodge Chargers that he digs so much, Allen is in the drivers seat and he's coming for your pink slip. Ever since he picked up the guitar as a vibrant 10 year old, Shaun Bivens has craved the sound and energy of rock and roll. From searching for the human re-creation of the infamous, River Bottom Nightmare Band as a youth to his last few years leading A BAND CALLED PAIN - blazing guitar, and a wall of sound have been his constant companion. Early on, a steady diet of Iron Maiden, Dio, and Metallica began to craft his idea of what he wanted in a band. From a guitarists point of view it was the genius of Jimi Hendrix and the detuned stylings of Pantera's Dimebag Darrell that took his playing and vision to the next level. These elements combined with a flavor dash of his "nu-metal" favorites such as Mudvayne and Disturbed have all come together to spawn A BAND CALLED PAIN, which he founded with his cousin, Allen Richardson in 2001. Brandishing his arsenal of custom painted Fender Supersonics like flamethrowers and his mohawk seemingly a beacon for the spectacular... Shaun Bivens is the embodiment of rock and roll. Over the years Shaun has also become an accomplished producer, with credits on albums for several major labels. The rock influenced, monstrous soundscapes created by producer Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad (Public Enemy) were instrumental in developing Shaun's sensibilities as a producer. To this day Shaun is still as self-proclaimed "studio rat" who spends hours every day in his lab, guitar in hand, 5150's pumping and knobs a twisting... searching for the next tune to keep the pit churning. Shaun Bivens Bryan Dean Piano lessons as a child... yes. Surrounded by different types of music as a youth....yes. My Mother set the tone for my appreciation of the arts and for that I'll always be thankful. Enough on that, lets zoom ahead a bit shall we? The time was fall, 1989 and I was about to begin my junior year at Penn State University studying finance. Realizing that I was neglecting my soul, as well as being incredibly bored, I gave up banking and reembraced my first love which I had turned my back on 3 years prior. Instead of bass clarinet, the weapon of choice this time around was bass guitar. The final years of school my grades may have suffered, but my chops and more importantly, my happiness surfaced. In 1992, I graduated from PSU with a degree in mass communications and along with some good friends formed my first band, "The Joint". The summer of 1993 we loaded up the van and headed to San Francisco. I've been living here doing my thang ever since. Over the years I've played many a gig with many a character. From the punk rockers to the jazz cats, I've learned something from them all. My bands have been fortunate enough to share the stage with a variety of internationally known acts such as De La Soul, Patti LaBelle, Buckethead, Camp Freddy, Mushroomhead, Prong and Living Colour. Stateside, I've played coast to coast at venues such as The House of Blues, The Knitting Factory , Bimbo's 365,The Great American Music Hall, The Warfield and The Whisky A Go-Go. My endeavors have led me overseas on European tours as well. I've been riding this crazy train for a while now, but in a sense I feel like I'm just getting started. Despite the lunacy, there is still nothing else I'd rather be doing. So if you're down, get in touch with me for a gig, recording or whatever and maybe we can make something happen. Tony Providence In a career spanning two decades, drummer Tony Providence has built a body of work that's deservedly earned him a place among the Bay Area metal's most popular and well-respected players. Perhaps best known for his outrageous and constantly changing drum kits. Tony worked his way up through the drumming ranks always looking for his next challenge and never resting on past achievements Growing up in Oakland Ca, Tony was first inspired to play drums as a child after watching a cover band play “Flashlight” by Parliament Funkadelic at his six grade lunch assembly. "I thought that drummer looked so cool," he remembers. "I knew right then that I wanted to be a drummer." ” My neighbor's Dad had a drum set and I would always pretend I was there to see to her but I always figured out a way to play those drums, I'd play them for hours”. "It all happened from there," says Tony. Tony attended his first live rock concert when he went to see Motley Crue at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. There, he was blown away by drummer, Tommy Lee. "Tommy was amazing," says Tony. "He was such a Powerful and Flashy player. Tommy became my first major drum influence." Coming up, Tony was further influenced and inspired by the techniques of hard-hitting rock drummers like Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen and Terry Bozzio of Missing Persons - one of Tony's favorite bands. "Besides Van Halen and Motley Crue, I saw so many great shows as a kid. Being in the crowd, under the lights with the smoke and the sound. Watching people go bananas when the lights go down and that 1 st note is played, “dude, you can't explain it, its pure energy” - I got so inspired. That kept me very focused on my goal," he admits. The goal was to be one of the greats, the guy that everyone talks about when they leave the show. “I haven't mastered it yet…. But I'm getting there!!!” e-mail: darius@abandcalledpain.com

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