Ash DaBlunt

  • Oakland, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rapper Hip-Hop

"Oakland, Ca Songwriter/Rapper"

Born & raised in Oakland, Ca; Ash DaBlunt has always been exposed to diversity in lifestyles & cultures. After years of assisting other artists with their music by ghostwriting and producing under the name ChuckT, he decided to start writing songs of his own but under a different name. Blending his northern California background with his Jamaican, Creole, & Native American Cherokee tribe heritage Ash creates music that not only bridges the slight gap between the cultures but also merges them together creating music that people can relate to & gain inspiration from. Utilizing his Native American heritage, Ash tells stories over Hip-Hop music that paint vivid & compelling images through rhyme. The name Ash DaBlunt was chosen as a way to pay homage to his Native American Cherokee tribe roots because it reflects the Native American naming culture of having a name that not only has a meaning but can also be a statement. After working on Richmond native Change’s project “Destined for Immortality” Ash formed his production label Produce Until Something Happens Entertainment a.k.a. P.U.$.H. Ent. & signed himself to his label as the first artist. Later Ash released a project that he produced, mixed, & mastered under his producer name ChuckT entitled, “There’s Something About Mary.” Ash DaBlunt makes his solo debut on the P.U.$.H. Ent. label with his ChuckT/self produced single “Way She Do It,” a song for men in relationships who appreciate their girlfriends, fiancees, or wives and also as a way to uplift women who are blessings in relationships rather than causing stress & confusion.

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