• Oakland, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rapper Hip-Hop Pop Rap

"SupaSyrup Hip Hop in Okaland"

What do you get when you combine two of the biggest entertainment capitals of the world? One word: TALENT. Hailing from the heart of Central California, Roger Brown more widely known as SYRUP, a thoroughbred of the Westside of Fresno, CA. is a candid, slow flowing, melodic rapper with a comedic personality and magnetic energy. His ability to combine styles from both Northern and Southern California show the uniqueness in his sound. Before releasing his hit single “COWABUNGA” Syrup began his entertainment career building a fan base, competing, and winning multiple championships throughout California and Nevada with the infamous street dance crew the Supa Freaks. After a successful run as a hip-hop street dancer, Syrup transitioned to rapping, song writing, and producing. Since the release of Syrups Single “COWABUNGA”, which had a very powerful viral run from the streets of Fresno to radio mix shows up and down California, Syrup has released several singles, including “Gangsta Boogie” which made regular rotation on many Clear Chanel radio stations. Syrup is also known as the Fresno CA “REMIX KING”. Having a verse on the super viral IMAK ENT “Booty Pt2”, which also made regular radio rotation and was aired for about 2 years. The club pounding recorded by a bay area native D-Lo Featuring Tyga “Get Here Tho”, The Finatticz “Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun”, and Vell - “Oakland” (Fresno remix) just to name a few. His recent release, “What You Sippin On”, features production from Fresno’s notorious hit producer “DRAFT” along with a verse from Fresno native The Kid Ryan, hosted by Clear Chanel Radio station B95’s show stopping DJ: DJ KayRich. “What You Sippin On” has also aired on countless radio stations with an amount of 935 Clear Chanel radio spins to date (02/25/2016) Syrup’s talents and amazing work ethic extends beyond rapping, song writing, and producing. Syrup is also a very talented comedian, actor, show/party host and promoter. Syrup’s personality alone screams entertainment. When asked what he wants to accomplish with his music, Syrup doesn’t hesitate to say, WORLD FAME. “I live my life as if I’m gonna die tomorrow. I want people to remember me”. With a personality as big as his, becoming known worldwide and leaving a legacy behind, won’t be too hard of a task.

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