• Oakland, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Rapper Rap

""C5" Hip Hop Rapper"

“God blessed me with a voice to deliver, so I’m telling my story.” C5 is an intricate lyricist who uses his craft to speak about his experiences that led him to where he is today. The name “C5” stands for Chris Five, Chris being an abbreviation of his first name and the Five stands for the block he’s from (59th street). As a young creative, growing up in Oakland, CA was a tough battle he fought every day. Being surrounded by the wrong people led C5 to make wrong decisions and almost destroyed his soul. However, after being accepted into Dominguez Hills in Carson California, his life immediately took a turn the right direction and he began his journey in search for a positive environment filled with blessings and inspiration. C5 began rapping in the eighth grade, came up admiring artist like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne, & has been at it ever since. Being both a rapper and an engineer, led C5 to create his own studio in his dorm where his most recent/successful piece of work took place, “Dorm Flow” mixtape. “Rapping is more than just music for me, it’s my life and I feel like I could not live a happy one without it because that’s how I express myself best.” C5 also works as a mentor to middle school students in some of the roughest areas in L.A. to help encourage them to work hard in school & follow a positive path in life.

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