The Jackpot Club

  • Anaheim, CA 92806, USA
Band: Cover 50's 60's Blues Classic Rock Rockabilly Swing

"Orange County's Jumpin' Bluesabilly-A-Go-Go!"


Orange County’s Classic Rockin’ Jumpin’ Bluesabilly-A-Go-Go!Est. 2009

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When does something that looks and sounds retro or classic, actually become a new and different thing altogether?It’s hard to do, and believe me people have tried with varying degrees of success. But, that is just what is happeningwith a band out of Orange County California, THE JACKPOT CLUB!

By first appearances THE JACKPOT CLUB would seem like just another rockabilly band. Take a twangy guitar and anupright bass, mix in a swingin’ drummer, salt to taste, etc. But after listening to TJC take the crowd through a set ortwo of music you begin to realize that this is much more than just a ‘rockabilly’ band! No other trio would take thecrowd (in just one set, mind you) from bar-room rock-n-roll of a classic like ‘Mercury Blues’ or ‘Seven Nights To Rock’,to a rocked-up Cajun swing ‘Jambalaya; or the crooning of Sinatra’s ‘That’s Life’! Who would dare move from the LasVegas swing of Sam Butera to Nick Lowe’s punky power-pop to Louis Jordan’s rhythm and boogie? Who? Really?Only one band dares to and THE JACKPOT CLUB dares, and does!

THE JACKPOT CLUB was hatched from the semi-fertile mind of Vocalist/Guitarist Andy Winston. A true rock & roll soul (Citizen Fear, The Tickets, Spindizzys, ‘Lectric Chairs, MOJOMASTER!), Andy was raised around the swingin’ sounds of Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima and Count Basie before discovering the sound of the electric guitar. And it was only after his dreams of being ‘the next Ted Nugent’ waned (thank goodness!), that Andy began to cut his teeth during the punk heyday of 79-81. His band Citizen Fear (see compilation Killed by Death #13) played the legendary Southern California punk rock clubs of the day. The 1980’s and 90’s saw Andy spending over 1,000 nights on stage with Orange County power-pop stars The Tickets, including recording the collectible cassette-only release, “Make A Record”, that was recently re-released on CD by Brewery Records.But in spite of this long and semi-storied history, Andy felt something was missing. Something was calling. Something primal and rootsy. The idea for a new band began to form in his mind, and almost against his will. His vision, you ask?To have a band with the roots of rock-n-roll and the heavy power of punk, but the swing and dance-floor filling energy of jump-blues. Could he reach back to a time when songs had energy and excitement, but keep an edge that would remain relevant to today’s audiences? As you know, there are a lot of ‘revivalist’ and ‘fashionable’ classic rock and tribute bands out there, but Andy couldn’t and wouldn’t let THE JACKPOT CLUB play that game. “The filter through which I live music didn’t stop at 1959 or end with one artist. It continued through the electric blues of the 60’s, the 1970’s rock and punk, as much as it reaches back to the swing and blues of 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s”, says Andy.

Did our hero achieve his dream?Yes he did! And you need to hear THE JACKPOT CLUB for yourself!

Drummer/Vocalist Joel Tetzlaff is a drum industry veteran with more than 30 years of drumming experience, both onstage and in the studio. His passion for the drums started as a teen after picking up his first pair of drum sticks, and he has never looked back since. His battle scars have been earned with various bands throughout Southern California performing in classic rock, top 40 and tribute situations. Joel is always striving to put on the best show and sound for THE JACKPOT CLUB.Bassist/Vocalist Andy Zacharius is simply an old soul packaged in the body of a 30-something. With a musical knowledge and breadth of experience that some people 3 times his age have yet to achieve, Andy brings a musicality to the team that drives beat. Growing up with the bass in his hands, Andy has a swing and fingerboard deftness that adds big bass bottom to THE JACKPOT CLUB sound. Let him move you around the dance floor...THE JACKPOT CLUB is at home on the largest of concert stages, having opened shows for national headline acts such as The Mavericks, Billy Vera & The Beaters, Dick Dale, The Stray Cat Lee Rocker, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies,Headcat, Three Bad Jacks, Albert Lee & John Jorgensen, Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys, Jimmie Vaughan, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and The Royal Crown Revue, as they are in the smallest of bars playing 4-5 sets of music and leading the party charge! And it’s in those hot and sweaty venues where the dance floor is swingin’ and the drinks are slingin’ where The Jackpot Club excels. Let them provide the soundtrack for your next event!THE JACKPOT CLUB is booking now for 2018. Please call or email for priority dates for your club, concert or event.Contact Royal Flush Management: 818.231.6260

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