• Downey, CA, USA
Band: Original Death Metal Metal

"Melodic Death Metal"

Nyctophile is a celebration and reflection of humanity and the darkness it encompasses. We envelop the darkest parts of our minds and let the anger, pain, lust, and hatred flow through us. We seek for answers as you do. We seek for justice as you do. We feel as you do. Together, we are one in the same. Taking our discipline from varying styles of metal, we incorporate our sound for a new, darker age to come. From the aggression of thrash metal to the brutality of death metal and the ferocity of black metal, we meld these styles with beautiful,melodic tones and lyrics that feed your mind, just as beauty can be found in darkness. Nyctophile is the embodiment of members that came together from various defunct bands and decided that we were going to do things the right way. We come from different paths and seek to unite all those who have been scorned for being different. We are your voice, through the pain, anguish, anger. We will guide and protect you in this void we call home. Together, we are stronger. Together, we will pick each other up and hold each other high. Together, we will fight for our right to live as we see fit. Together, we will bring salvation to those whose voices can not be heard, human or not.Together...United...We are the darkness.

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