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Susie Butler Sings the Sarah Vaughan Songbook is the brainchild of local singer and actress, Susie Butler. The legendary American jazz singer who was a Grammy-award winner had a seemingly inimitable style, but Ms. Butler does an uncanny portrayal of her through the Vaughan song selections and narration about Sarah Vaughan. Striving for Vaughan's sultry tone is no easy task when it comes to honoring the legacy of the legendary songstress known for her musical genius as well as temperament. Under the skilled direction of Norman Gee, this one-woman show performed live by Ms. Butler incorporates musical segues and commentary on clips being shown from the documentary film "The Divine One" about Vaughan's life and lifestyle. Susie chose the early years of the singer's career in the 1950's and 1960's because Vaughan underwent a huge personal transformation during this period from the unglamorous poor girl to the famous musical diva.  Ms. Butler also covers Vaughan's years in New York City's 52nd Street peak-era, plus Brazilian music made popular by Antionio Carles Jobim.Susie Butler has been sharing her homage of Sarah Vaughan's unique voice with audiences around world in…  Susie's repertoire includes Vaughan classics like "Lullaby of Birdland," "Whatever Lola Wants," and "Misty."Butler's own conversion from singing in church to jazz began while attending the University of Alabama where she was studying to be an actress.  After moving to the Bay Area, marrying and raising children, Susie was singing in a big band (name) and the musicians in the band started telling her she sounded more like Sarah Vaughan than Ella Fitzgerald.  With her three-octave range and resonance combined with a physical resemblance, she took the challenge and began her own musical transformation into Sassy Susie Butler Today, after ten years, two albums, countless local theater credits, and numerous club dates, Susie Butler is ready to swing on her own and bring Sassy Miss Sarah Vaughan back to life. 

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