Noticeable Ones - 1980's Missing Persons Tribute

  • Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA
Band: Tribute 80's

"The exclusive 1980's Missing Persons tribute"

Noticeable Ones pays tribute to the unmistakable sound and look of the early 80's New Wave band Missing Persons. NO toils tirelessly to recreate the exact sound you heard on your favorite albums from back in the day.

NO is fronted by Catriona Joelle Fray, who brings the same charm and quirkiness that the famed Dale Bozzio pioneered, while blending in her own uniqueness and vocal prowess. The rest of NO are seasoned professionals that together with "Cat", strive to do justice to the genre defining group of world class musicians that came out of Frank Zappa's amazing band. Simon Kaltgrad pays tribute to the world renown drummer Terry Bozzio. His accuracy in reproducing the complex drum parts brings the realism of the 80's Missing Persons to life. Performing well known hits such as Walking in LA and Words, there is no doubt you will leave a show with these tunes stuck in your head!

Come experience the tribute for the first time, or get all nostalgic. Either way, it's a fun hang!

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