• Providence, RI 02903, United States
DJ Host/ MC Rapper Club College Hip-Hop R&B Rap Urban


Jayali's music can be classified in the same classic and authoritative realm of Common or Lupe Fiasco, but with the passion and fire of Tupac. You’ll hear the influences of a variety of artists, old and new, in Jayali's music. With that being said, Jayali's sound still embodies his own experiences and perspective. Through his custom rhythms and impactful lyrics, Jayali helps you feel and experience something missing in today’s world of hip-hop, realness. 

_ Over the last couple of years, Jayali has been building a strong following throughout the mid-west, and has recently expanded his reach to the west coast, north west, south and east coast. Performing in various cities, Jayali's presence and energy have captivated audiences time and time again. In concert, Jayali often displays characteristics of the elusive “It” factor. 

_ What separates Jayali from most artists today is that he is 100% self-contained. Jayali writes, produces, performs, arranges, mixes, & masters the vast majority of his music. Jayali also promotes most of his own concerts, and is a headlining artist, DJ, and host of the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, & 10th annual “Get Money Stop Hatin” Tour. Since 2009, this tour has produced over 600 concerts in 150+ different cities in the United States. 

_What sets Jayali's music apart is his ability to make mainstream music that incorporates a relentless message of progression. Jayali also places emphasis on health, wealth, and spirituality from an African perspective. His overall allure, empathy, and consciousness brings a new dimension to an old message that has been delivered many times before…..

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