Pick Up And Run

  • Irvine, CA 92620, United States
Band: Original Alternative Indie Rock

"“Just when you think you have the band stereotype sorted, here we are to blow it out of the water"!"

Pick Up and Run is a Rock band from Orange County California, originally formed back in 2014 with starting members Cole Caldwell (singer) and John Merwin (guitarist). John had met Cole at an Irish Karaoke pub in Mission Viejo called Patsy's. Cole was singing "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin. John was impressed and asked Cole to collaborate with him. From there they found members Nathan Ortalani, (Drums) and Eric Josephian (Bass). Pick up and Run would practice at a barn in Hesperia Ca. A two song EP was released with the original members. Shortly after the ep, Eric left the band do to family complications. Nathan shortly left the band after Eric. John ran into an old friend at the gym that he used to go to church with named Daniel Jackson. He remembered Daniel playing the drums at a young age during the church worship service. John asked if Daniel wanted to get together and start jamming. Dan thought if would be a fun project and decided to do it. Shortly after Rene Hernandez was picked up as Pickup and Run's bass player. He was found through a craigslist ad. Rene has played with many different bands over the years. Most bands he played with were in the punk rock genre. Rene immediately liked the vibe the band was putting out and wanted to take the music seriously. Shortly after Rene joined. The band decided it would be best to take on a fifth member. Rene had a friend, Max Lazar who played keys and guitar. Max was asked to come jam with us and help with our new ep. With all current members of the band, pick up and run has a six song ep called "struck". The band has been working on the ep for the past six months with record producer Diego Ruelas. Diego works at Capitol Studios and has produced a variety of bands which he takes interest in. Diego was introduced to the band when Diego’s cousin (Hugo Ruelas) sent Diego a two song quick recording of some music pick up and run recorded at Hybrid Studios. The "Struck" EP will be released soon! This emotionally charged music allows our performances to connect with and captivate audiences, Cole (singer) creates an emotional bond with many of those who can relate to his lyrics.

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Feb 18, 2018
State Social House, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, United States Hollywood Punx Productions