Nick Howrey

  • Los Angeles, CA 90034, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Solo/ Duo Acoustic Adult Contemporary Alt-Country Blues Classic Rock Easy Listening


I have always been, more than anything else, a musician. It is my passion, my gift, and what most of my day revolves around. No one other than my dad can take the credit for introducing me to it. First, by exposing me to a diverse and expansive music collection, and then allowing me to explore my vocal abilities with his band. In high school, I started my own rock n' roll band, The Free Byrds. High school is also where I started to venture into the mystical and captivating waters of songwriting. I constantly find myself fishing there. Now I'm playing acoustic shows wherever I'm able, and after realizing how important it is for my heart to choose music over college, I'm working full-time on it. 

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Apr 14, 2018
Grafton on Sunset, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA, USA KBH Entertainment