Faze P

  • Inglewood, CA 90303, United States
Band: Original Hip-Hop R&B Rap

"Methodical Music"

Pierre Conley, also known as Faze P, started singing and rapping at a very young age. Coming from a background of singers, Inglewood native, Pierre had naturally acquired such a gift. He has been in a successful contemporary gospel group called Dae 1 Won (Day One) who had a Billboard chart topping debut album in 2006 called “No Time 4 Gamez”. However, due to internal issues the group split shortly after the album was released. Even though this was a minor setback for Pierre, he didn’t let it detour him from following his dreams. Having been a lover of R&B he was determined to pursue it. Realizing that there was a desperate need for new “original” music in the Industry, Pierre decided to start a movement/label under which he could release his own material amongst others with the same drive and motivation that caters to the masses of the world. As a man who has always believed in structure and technique He came up with “Methodical Music”.

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