Danny James

  • Oakland, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Other

""Danny James is the quantum entangling of atomized mental ephemera, dancing about ecosystems of plastic plantations like a Mr. T drag queen." - Ariel Pink"

"Pop savant Danny James seems to have appeared out of thin air last year with his debut cassette on Burger Records, Pear, but my money is on time travel. Not since the days of Sparks or the Sweet has a musician managed to incorporate the theatricality that was so instrumental in the popularity of glam rock without sacrificing the quality of the rock in question to garrish showmanship. Danny James is pure pop bliss, with a heap of glam rock and bubblegum thrown in for good measure, that harkens back to a simpler age of bell bottoms and sequined everything."-- Cooper Berkmoyer, EditorFlavorpill

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