The Skylight

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Funk Indie Pop Pop Punk Punk Rock

"A 3 member pop/punk/alternative rock band from SoCal. Our mission is to inspire others through music and spread happiness."

A power trio pop/punk/alternative rock band from Southern California, The Skylight was founded in March of 2013 in Costa Mesa, California. High school friends Alan Le and Neil Allen started up the idea of the band along with some mutual friends. The first band, Utopian Vision, was formed with five people and played its first show in June 2013 at a parish festival in Costa Mesa. Utopian Vision played its last show in June of 2014 before disbanding on good terms. Shortly afterwards, the remaining members of what was Utopian Vision regrouped to form The Skylight. Drummer and percussionist Neil Allen comes from a very enriching musical family and has been playing the drums since he was four years old. A child prodigy at the instrument, he has been involved in the music scene almost his entire life and has played with many church and marching bands/groups. He has even toured the U.S. and some parts of Europe and South America!Guitarist Monty Smith started his musical career when he was ten years old. Classically trained in guitar and piano, Monty excels in technicality and is very disciplined in his work. His family also has many ties within the music industry as his mother used to do office work for a record label. These connections are essential to the progression of the band because of the unlimited opportunities they have to offer!Lead singer, guitarist, pianist and producer Alan Le has been involved in music since he was eight years old. A classically trained singer and musician as well, he has had formal piano lessons for eight years, been involved with church bands, as well as various groups and choirs for eleven years, is a self-taught guitarist for eight years, bassist for six years, and has been in the recording and production realm for four years. He has also been doing some production and live work for other bands and artists in his local area, as well as aiming to achieve his certification as an audio engineer/live sound technician!

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