Matt Baxter United

  • San Diego, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Composer/ Songwriter Country Folk Other Singer-Songwriter

"Singer-songwriter upbringing- folk-country aesthetic"

A while ago, Matt Baxter was born into a family of musicians in a town east of San Diego, CA. He was constantly surrounded by the music of both his parents and the singer-songwriters they looked up to. When Matt was around 10, his family moved to a small town just north of Dayton, OH. It was there that he began to pick up one of the many guitars that were always lying around. His mom taught him the intro to Stairway to Heaven and within a matter of days, he had taught himself to play most of the basic chords. This was the launch pad. From that moment on, Matt spent every free moment he had noodling on the guitar and writing songs.Eventually he was playing for friends at parties, which led to playing at the school talent shows, which led to playing in bands right out of high school. After joining more bands and traveling from Ohio to Florida and back out to California, Matt started his own group and really started to develop his songwriting even more. His music journey has spanned multiple genres from rock and blues to punk and reggae, and all points in between. Matt's songs are widely distribution through online sources like iTunes and Spotify, and although Matt may have never built a solid career out of playing music, you get a sense that he isn’t in it for the money.Currently, Matt resides in Costa Mesa, CA with his wife, Sara and sons, Wyatt and Emmett. He now focusses his energy on writing songs that harken back to his singer-songwriter upbringing- songs that tend to pull from a folk-country aesthetic, but every once in a while give way to his years of being influenced by a spectrum of musical styles.

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