Damballa's Toybox

  • San Diego, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Electronic


My music career began in n.y. as a drummer age 17 in various punk bands,doing shows at CBGBs,peppermint lounge,hurrah and a handful of private parties in n.y.c. and Brooklyn..tiring of drums,i began playing bass in my own prog/punk band"the negatives"and playing the same circuit in New York..After our independent E.P."mind scan"was released as well as a cable T.V.appearance in New Jersey,I was done with "bands"& started my first synth act with guitarist ken brown again playing the New York club circuit again.My first solo project,"Vivante Tableau",was picked in 1989 by Dossier Records in Berlin.Soon after I headed to San Diego CA.in 2001,got run over by a car,and came back an assassin.After living in the basement of a Victorian house with the writings of Voodoo Gods and Goddesses,Damballa's Toybox was born

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