• Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Hard Rock Metal

"NATIONS, Is HardRock/Metal, StonerGoth with HeavyDrums, DeepBass, GrindingGuitar and DarkSoaringVocals. A Quarter Century Legacy, Lives on in 2017,.. theScreamin'Demon is back"

Game of Price was recorded in Las Vegas at Power House Studios Engineer PaulBadia. Mixed in North Hollywood at Studio Sound Recorders by Producer ChrisJohnson (Evanescence, Josh Todd/Buckcherry, Blacklist Union) and Engineer David Allen.Mastered in Los Angeles at Future Disc Systems (now Baker Mastering) by the Grammy Award winning Tom Baker.Originating from the East Coast eventually landing in California,..first arrived in Anaheim, formed a band, and his voice garnered interest from, Tom Petersson and Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. This artist has been around, through many bands, extensive performing (including the Nashville singer/songwriter scene), is a BMI songwriter and has had multiple management & recording contracts (e.g. Star Power NY., ARM Entertainment, John Titak (STI), Roger Anderson/Evergreen Music Network and others) & (e.g. Fat Lady Records, Skydoor Records and Warner Artist Development).NATIONS was born in Los Angeles and performed the renowned clubs of Hollywood, as well as playing in Las Vegas (viva Elvis). NATIONS toured the U.S.playing many of the notable national act venues across the country as well as a lot of other popular clubs and bars. Has opened for marquee artists such as: Heaven, Motorhead, Ted Nugent, Joe Walsh to name a few. When NATIONS opened for Motorhead, Lemmy said,..."he’s a real wailer”, he was impressed. Has alsoperformed large events for example: NY’s Woodstock Reunion Festival and Sturgis Buffalo Chip. The vocals and music have been used in commercials for music stores and Harley Davidson Motorcycles. This artist achieved rotation airplay and has been featured in some of the most popular music and motorcycle magazines.Ash Valek now brings NATIONS back with the Game Of Price album, featuring it's heavy grooving, big choruses and screaming melodies that inspired legendary A&R Executive Tucker Williamson (e.g., Van Halen, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Joan Jett, and Steppenwolf to name a few) to bring it to Warner Bros. attention.This Is The "Original" NATIONS band, established in 1993 - all other bands using this name, are Plagiarist's and do not have the right to go by NATIONS.

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