• Anaheim, CA, United States
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"MichEal Rafter is a drummer and educator from Orange County, CA. My focus and purpose is to bring Education and Encouragement to the drum community."

MichEal Rafter (aka: OCDrummer) has been playing drums and percussion since 1988. He has participated in various marching and concert bands, orchestras, church worship bands and rock/pop groups. MichEal has played drums and percussion on many recordings over his 20 plus years of music experience. He also plays guitar and has knowledge of other instruments. MichEal is an accomplished drummer, with a solid sense of time and intuition for what to play, and when not to play, knowing the value of the less is more concept. MichEal is also skilled in drum programming and able to blend together acoustic and electronic drums/percussion both in the studio and on the stage.MichEal especially enjoys the opportunity to share his passion and gift for music through teaching drum lessons to aspiring musicians in the Orange County area.

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