Elements of Kadence

  • Palmdale, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Elements of Kadence Music Band"

Stemming from their home town of Palmdale, CA with a dedication to the “do it yourself” work ethic, Elements of Kadence (EOK) has created a signature sound and a fast growing fan base. Working together to write, develop, record and mix/master their own music speaks to their level of talent and work ethic. Singer Michael James, bassist Trafton Rogers, drummer Jose Santana and guitarist Billy Victoria come together to shape their own unique brand of alternative rock. By merging their individual styles and personal creative influences ranging from reggae, hip hop and rock, EOK has collectively developed a dynamic sound that is both engaging and powerful. EOK’s music resonates from the passion, commitment and elevated energy level that each member contributes. Their high powered stage performance is a by product of the chemistry the band shares both on and off the stage. Elements of Kadence formed in 2013. In the three years they have been together they have played several shows throughout Southern California including a performance in 2016 at The Anaheim House of Blues were they took first place in the Wright Records Battle of the Bands. Their individual experiences and musical inspirations contribute greatly to their growing success. With a combined 30 plus years of musical experience, EOK is readily building the reputation of being a solid, hardworking and passionate group. For EOK there is no greater aspiration than to continue to produce quality music intended to be shared with a global fan base. They will be releasing their EP entitled “Ashes to Life” in September 2016 and are preparing for their midwest tour called THE RISE TOUR 2016, which will include shows in California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. As their fan base grows, EOK becomes increasingly motivated to continue to progress both professionally and creatively.

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