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"VeteranRockBand Music Band"

From Kids to Rock N Roll - Alvin V. Grimes and Maurice A. Ball met in 1971 at Mumford High School in Detroit, Michigan. The 2 formed a High School Rock N Roll band called "Red Granite" that performed songs by Black Sabbath, Mountain, Sly, C.S.N &Y and Hendrix. In 1972, Marc Seawright and Kent Taylor met in Long Beach at Poly High School and played in the Jamie Williams Experience an all original music Rock Band. In 1976, these 4 artistically driven young men met in Long Beach, California. Following several months of rehearsal in Kurt Gosseler's "Pool House" in Lakewood, California, the band was ultimately named "TANTRUM" Tantrum built a considerable following in Southern California specifically in Hollywood. Tantrum's music was a special brand of Rock N Roll labeled "Heavy Metal Soul". Some of the locales where the band performed; Gazzaris, Starwood, Kings Palace, Golden West Ballroom, The Rock Factory and the Paradise Ballroom to name a few...After many years of struggle the band (all too soon) broke up (1982) and all went their separate ways. In 2009, Alvin V. Grimes and Kent "Kentavious" Taylor re-united and found the groove once again. By 2010, the band was exchanging musical idea's via the internet (modern tech). Finally in September of 2011, the four "somewhat older" members gathered in Southern California and recorded 9 songs in 3 days...The band now called Veteran is once again on the creative war path; committed to creating music which is socially conscious and spiritually provocative.

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