One Less Zero

  • Orange County, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Pop Pop Punk Punk

"We are an energetic, Positive minded group of musicians."

ONE LESS ZERO The zero brings a fresh flavor to the music scene, with the beautiful and talented Sara Wright on vocals, accomplished old school skateboarder Allen Losi on guitar, world renowned veteran tattoo artist Mike Spasbo on drums, the gifted stylings of Fender emloyee Luis Agulair on guitar and the back bone of many bands-master of all music Allen Buglione on bass. They've played such clubs as...The Rialto Theater in Tuscon AZ, Wasted Space at the Hard Rock in as Vegas NV, the Punk Rock Pic-Nic in Ivine CA, Wisky a Go Go in hollywood CA, ect...and with bands such as NOFX, TSOL, Cro-Mags, The Dwarves, Amber Pacific, Teenage BottleRocket, The Dirty Filthy Mugs, Angry Samoans, ILL Repute and many more in the first year. With their "we're here to skate the session" attitude and Sara Wright's natural charisma, the fun never stops!

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