Crow Hill Band

  • Redondo Beach, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Rock

"Crow Hill Band is Rockin' the South Bay!"

Crow Hill BandBioIt is not often you hear about a group of people that consist of a physician, an attorney, a female rocket engineer, a cyber security expert, marketing executives, a sales executive and a finance manager that come together to form a garage band that has turned into a local favorite - the Crow Hill Band.A couple of years ago two neighbors, Russell D., lead vocalist and guitarist, and Greg H., the drummer, decided one day on a dare, to buy some drums and start a garage band, after playing a frustrating game of Guitar Hero with their families. Little did Russell know, Greg actually went out and bought the drums! Soon the band grew from 2 to 8 people, with many members actually living on the same street in Hollywood Riviera! “It sure makes our band practice easy when you don’t have to drive far!” says Laryssa D., one of the lead vocalists.With several in the band having a strong history in the performing arts, singing, playing, and writing music semi-professionally in churches and other venues earlier in their lives, the co-location of the band members was enough to spark the birth of a band.Their big break came when a local Yacht Club in Redondo Beach gave them the chance to play at one of their events. “Several of us in Crow Hill are members of this yacht club, boat owners, and big fans of King Harbor and the Redondo Pier. It seemed like the perfect place to start” says Dave S., the band’s bass player. Since then they have played several community events such as the Redondo Beach Pier Concert Series, the Riviera Village Summer Festival, and several other local venues.This classic rock band is not about going out and making money on the road, as they all have seriously overwhelming and demanding day jobs. Playing music is certainly a way for them to pull back from that stress. Instead, they prefer going out and playing the universal language of music - entertaining fans and promoting community unity. “We are all about other people. This is not about us looking cool and pretentious.” says Mo P., known as the Piano Man in the group. “We want to bring our South Bay community together through our passion for music and hope our music helps people forget about their everyday struggles“, says Kelly S., one of the guitarists in the band. So how was the name Crow Hill created? “Every summer night around 5:30 p.m. the crows fly off of Palos Verdes hillside, right over our houses in Hollywood Riviera and spend the night in Redondo and Hermosa Beach. It is like clock work. So we call where we live - Crow Hill!”, says Michael R., keyboardist.“There is nothing better than having the opportunity to play for the community you love. We live in a special place here in the South Bay, with great people and great friends. What more can a person ask for?” says Dr. David D., lead guitarist

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