Monkey Finger Duo

  • Long Beach, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Solo/ Duo 90's Classic Rock

"2 guitars and 2 voices, and impressive renditions of classic rock songs!"

Money Finger is an established cover band based out of Long Beach, CA. They specialize in acoustic covers of Classic Rock and 90’s Grunge. Below is a list of just some of the bands Monkey Finger covers:• Rolling Stones• Led Zeppelin• Pearl Jam• Alice in Chains• Beatles• Jimi Hendrix• Queens of the Stone Age• Stone Temple PilotsMonkey Finger consists of two musicians; Kyle Jones and Jay Magdaleno, a unique duo because they channel the rock experience through acoustic guitars which give the music a warmer, more natural sound and take advantage the intsruments' rhythmic capabilities for the optimal live experience. It’s the same music that everyone has grown to love over the years but with a cool twist. Monkey Finger has been entertaining Los Angeles and Orange County for 4 years.

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