The Alpha Bronze

  • Long Beach, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Hardcore Pop Punk Punk Rock

"The Alpha Bronze is a melodic punk rock band out of Long Beach, CA"

Fleeting youth is a phrase not lost on the Alpha Bronze. With a long sordid history of bands and experiences that can only come with age, the group has settled into an outlet of expression that is at once the combined aesthetic of their previous efforts, as well as a fresh new perspective and sound. Not ones for being pigeonholed based solely on the noise they’ve made in the past, the band incorporates subtle touches of influence and inspiration, displayed proudly on their sleeves: rough around the edges punk, catchy and melodic sensibilities, hardcore urgency and guitar riff rock to get even the most jaded souls up and on their feet. Ex-members of endless bands from punk and hardcore’s bygone era, ‘the bronze’ lurch forward with an enthusiastic call to arms, and a willingness to shake all of southern California and beyond to the foundation.

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