Niu Roots Band

  • Long Beach, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Pop Reggae

"A warm and vibrant Reggae Band out of Long Beach, CA."

A warm and vibrant Reggae Band out of Long Beach, CA, Niu Roots carries enough verve and original flavor to easily stand out on its own.

Niu Roots is respectfully and lovingly named after the founder and original manager of Local Culture, Ainiu Pua, who also happens to be Lolesio’s mom. ‘Niu’ is also the Samoan word for coconut, which symbolizes the band’s South Pacific Island origin.

The addition of ‘roots’ to the name reminds the band to stay grounded and connected to their Polynesian ancestors and customs; keeping the good-feel vibes energized with island warmth, laughs and tradition.

Niu Roots mixes it up with popular covers and original tunes; all aimed at treating their fans to a session of good-feel Irie vibes - a place where no worries exist and island time is the only time.

Members are: Lolesio Pua (Lead Keys and Vocals), John Leilua (Bass and Vocals), Jeremy Carvalho (Drums), Vaea A'etonu (Guitar and Vocals) and Swells (Keys and Vocals).

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