The Latest

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Original Alternative Rock

"Music may make you laugh, cry, dance, make out or fight."

The LATEST is a musical collaboration of three talented songwriters from Los Angeles – John Hernandez, Jared Hernandez, and Lonn Baker. Before joining forces, they were all experienced writers and performers - but when they came together, the spark happened, and songs flowed. In a very short time, they had an album’s worth of material, a funky-fresh bass player (Felipe "El Creep-e" Constanza), and a kick-ass drummer (Teddy D.) to call their own. Elements of their music echo sounds from the past - but they don't sound like anyone else. They play a Rockin, Funky, Bluesy soup with a little Country thrown in for fun. Here’s hoping you enjoy the ride as much as they do.

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