MILA - Made In Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Other

"Ex Vocalist of As Blood Runs Black and Fallen Figure"

M.I.L.A. was created by Sonik Garcia former vocalist of As Blood Runs Black and Fallen Figure. In order to understand how M.I.L.A. came to life we have to go way back into Sonik's life. Sonik has come a long way and his struggles are as real as they get. Sonik's music career started as any other kid with a dream to be a great performer and to start a brotherhood band. Sonik didn't come from a family where he could ask for handouts he knew he had to work hard to get the necessities to make it in the music industry. So he started working young to pay for everything he wanted and needed, as well as help his family around the house. After a long struggle he finally made a name for himself when he released a full length album entitled Devival with Fallen Figure. As his music career was booming he was offered an opportunity to join As Blood Runs Black, he then put Fallen Figure on pause and joined As Blood Runs Black. In 2010 ABRB released an album entitled "Instinct" with Sonik and hit #111 on the US Billboard 200, #6 on US Hard Rock Albums and #1 on Heatseekers, Sonik's career was on fire. Everything was falling into place, but like a roller coaster ride the roller coaster had to come down. While Sonik was living it up enjoying the fame and traveling the world his family back home was suffering financially. After a long tour from Europe his father came up to Sonik and told him about a certain situation. His father explained to Sonik that him and his mother were struggling financially due to the economy gradually changing and not knowing English. It was getting so bad that his parents were about to lose everything and probably live in the streets. It was starting to take it's toll on Sonik, he tried to keep it to himself and never showed it because Sonik hates negativity. During a tour in Europe Sonik came to one of his band mates to try to explain the situation. It was so hard for Sonik to even speak of the problem with his band mate that the conversation switch and never happened because he felt so embarrassed about bringing up his personal life and ask for money. A couple months later, the conversation finally happened and asked for a quick pay out to try to help his family get back on their feet so he can fully focus on ABRB. His band mates could not help and Sonik started to feel he was a burden to the band because he couldn't truly focus on ABRB. After a show in Hollywood Sonik decided to take a very long piss without notice (Rockstar movie reference). ABRB was stunned by the news and Sonik's decision. Months later ABRB and Sonik met up to hear Sonik out and again Sonik explained to his band mates his reason for leaving and gave the band a chance to make things work. Sonik told ABRB he needed a quick payout or he needed a break to go back to work to help his family. ABRB said they could not do either as they did not have the money or didn't want to slow down. Sonik at that moment felt like his brotherhood left him to fend for himself. His brotherhood band dream was crushed, his heart was broken like a long term relationship. So Sonik sat there with the decision to choose between his dream or his family. It was the hardest decision of his life, but his father raised a good hearted man. He chose to help his family by returning to work. Two years later Sonik finally accomplishes to help his family get back on their feet and now he is fully focus to finish what he started. He always wanted to name a band Made In LA to represent the city that molded him to become the man he is today. So one day he abbreviated the band's name and to his surprised came out to spell M.I.L.A. and he loved it. So keep an eye out for M.I.L.A. as they are working on their first full length album.

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