Despite Loyalty

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Alternative Industrial Metal Rock

"Industrial, Rock, Metal, Alternative Music!"

This Los Angeles based trio is led by creative mastermind Art Bertik (Strangled by Strangulation), with support from Eric Smolinski (also known as Deadboy of DigitalSexSlave fame) and expert chiptune musician Bret-Bit. Despite Loyalty have been circulating the electro/industrial scene since the 2014 release of their self-titled EP. This was followed up by the single “Come Burn With Me”. Brett-Bit remixed the track “Body Bag Bondage”, and joined the band shortly thereafter, providing bass and back up vocals, as well as co-writing and coproducing new material. Despite Loyalty is defined by unconstrained decadence. Catchy dance rhythms get down and dirty with lavish amounts of distorted dissonance. Ravishing synthesizer crunches and bestial guitar licks are layered over syncopated beats, resulting in a multifaceted, complex soundscape. The harsh vocals are the cherry on top of this multilayered musical phenomenon.Despite Loyalty embody the best of the LA goth scene and the world of industrial metal, taking debauchery and carnal pleasures to a whole new level. This is dance/party music with a heavy dose of electro-industrial grit. The sexual undertones range from balls-to-the-wall obscenities to subtle innuendos. Despite Loyalty tests the bounds of depravity, as their lyrics demonstrate that no taboo or temptation is forbidden fruit. Sadomasochism and fetish culture are recurring themes, and these decadent concepts are right at home with this sinful cyber goth soundtrack. In addition to their impressive discography (an EP of which the limited deluxe edition CD includes artwork/lyrics insert, bonus remixes and standalone single “Come Burn With Me”, totaling in thirteen tracks, two new singles and an upcoming full length release), Despite Loyalty are now performing live in and around the Los Angeles, CA area. A conglomerate of disparate subgenres, this is a virtual mosh pit of pulsing beats, rhythmic grooves, and headbang-worthy riffs, all converged into one cohesive whole. The blending of filthy beats and carnal pleasures, with squeaky clean production quality, results in hard-hitting yet nuanced song structures. Their unique musical style is a truly hedonistic indulgence for any audiophile.

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