Lauren Wakefield Music

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Session Musician Acoustic Alternative Blues Punk Rock

"Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist. Rock & Roll. Blues. Soul. Love."

Lauren’s musical journey began as early as when she was just a toddler in Brooklyn, NY. She delighted the congregation in church while she sang along to their favorite hymns. Throughout her life, Lauren has taken to music like a fish to water. Although singing was her first talent, she soon added to her forte the alto, soprano, baritone and tenor saxophone, which she continued for about three years before receiving a gift from her aunt which afforded her the opportunity to learn the guitar at the age of 14. That summer, Lauren and her guitar were inseparable. She was thrilled to learn songs from her favorite artists.Lauren moved to Sacramento from her home in New York in 2004, at that time, she formed a band with her high school friends, and continued on to learn the drums, bass and a bit of piano. Give her an instrument and she'll learn it in a week or two! She began writing a plethora of lyrics as her confidence and passion for music soared.While playing numerous shows throughout Sacramento and the Bay area at multiple venues, Lauren came into her own. Her band the Solicitors and she were regulars at Pangaea Two Brews Cafe, the Press Club, Naked Lounge and other venues around the Sacramento area, delighting her audience with her thought provoking lyrics and stimulating rhythms. Recently, her unique style and willingness to "think outside the box," took her to researching the musicality and styles of classic artists such as Big Mama Thornton, Etta James and the incomparable Elvis Presley have taken her performance to a greater level of complexity.Lauren and her band, the Solicitors celebrated the debut of their first album, "The Solicitors," in which Lauren is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. Lauren's decision to go solo comes at a time when her talent for writing and performing has culminated in the most appropriate manner for her introduction into the music world as a professional artist.Lauren is keen to point out that everything she listens to directs her musical development in some way. However, she would certainly include Brody Dalle, Sublime, Green Day, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Etta James, Rancid and Ray Charles as amongst her biggest influences.Lauren can be found at and for her Solo Demo, full band's album and live videos respectively.

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