Kaitlyn Gold

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Original Solo/ Duo Rock

"Songs that pack a powerful mix of energy and emotion."

"KAITLYN GOLD: When you hear this name, the first thing that should strike you is the boldness of the gold standard it implies. And yes, Kaitlyn and her band “The Orphan Age” have a golden line-up of talent. But once her lyrics set in, another truth becomes clear: the real gold comes from the content of her heart and character. Her voice, soothing and low, expresses a mourning that clearly stems straight from the depths of her soul. Each word, a story in its own, tells a larger tale of heartbreak and solitude. But for this band, it’s not all bleak: the dark tone is a thing of beauty, a sparkle of light that shines in the blackest of situations. Even when their songs seem hopeless, hope still shines. Her single, “Buried Alive”, is a perfect symbol of all that the band does right. It’s sad, yet upbeat. It’s catchy, yet honest and real. Every word of it feels carefully placed, vivid and impossible not to let capture your mind’s eye. What you realize in listening to this dark yet energetic act is that there is a diamond in that coal. Or, in this case, a glitter the dark that turned to gold." -Crimson Media Entertainment

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