The Who Show

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Band: Tribute 60's 70's 80's Classic Rock Other Rock

"Voted VH1’s “Most Believable 70’s era Who Tribute Band""

TESTIMONIALS & HONORS-Voted VH1’s “Most Believable 70’s era Who Tribute Band"-Voted VH1’s best THE WHO web site!-Awarded "Best Tribute Band” by L.A. Music Awards in 2008.-Cast as The Who in premiere run of "Stage production of Quadraphenia" which was a critical and box office smash hit.-Have raised more than $200,000 for charities and hospitals.-France DiCarlo "Is the reincarnation of Keith Moon,Roger Daltrey“-Know why you never see quality Who tribute or cover bands? No one can ever match the chops of Entwistle/Townsend/Daltry/Moon... "The Who Show is in a class by themselves and they nail The Who on all fours” Los Angeles Times.-"The finest Who tribute band in the world” Martin Lewis, Mods & Rockers Festival.-"This act nails all the dynamics and nuances of The Who… [they] took on the individual stage personas, idiosyncrasies and showmanship of the real Who, and presented the compositions with reverence and professionalism” Music Connection Magazine.“They transport you back to a 70’s Who concert with conviction”Orange County Register. -"They truly are as close as you could ever imagine getting to the true Who, an amazing experience not to be missed” Los Angeles Daily Variety.“ -"My childhood regret is never experiencing a live Who concert" Now I’m good” Desert Sun.-"They bring The Who to life with precision and verve ”San Francisco Chronicle.-“Many tributes accurately recreate the appearance and sound… The Who Show takes the extra step to capture the magic, energy and essence of the Who ”San Diego Union Tribune.-[The Who Show] is the whole package right down to Jay Stevens [as Roger Daltrey] hitting the classic scream in “Won’t Get Fooled Again”Orange County Weekly.And Many More…

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