Los Angeles Electric 8

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
Ensemble: Large Novelty Act Chamber Music Classical

"Chamber group of eight electric guitarists"

Los Angeles Electric 8 is a group of eight electric guitarists dedicated to revitalizing chamber music for a new generation of listeners.The octet’s repertoire spans the late Renaissance to the present day, ranging from the polychoral music of Giovanni Gabrieli to Igor Stravinsky’s Octet for Wind Instruments. Their last program juxtaposed Indonesian gamelan with American minimalism. Beyond re-imagining the traditional, the Electric 8 is devoted to playing new music. The group has premiered new works by Frank J. Oteri, Phil Kline, Peter Yates, Bill Alves, Andrew Nathaniel McIntosh, Derrick Spiva Jr., Eric Kiersnowski, Michael Uhler, Felix Salazar, Jonathan Guillen, and Nathaniel Braddock and continues to actively collaborate with living composers from around the world. Their two previous releases and their latest album "Interlocking Textures", illustrate how the group adapts the old and advances the new.Los Angeles Electric 8 has performed in a variety of national festivals including the Strathmore Guitar Festival, Grand Performances, Sundays Live at LACMA, REDCAT’s Summer Studio, Santa Barbara Guitar Festival, World Festival of Sacred Music, MicroFest, Cal Poly Pomona Guitar Festival and more. They were approved for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission’s Musician’s Roster for 2011-2013. Aside from performance, the octet is strongly committed to student outreach and music education. The group frequently guest lectures and presents demonstrations and workshops at universities, community schools, and state prisons throughout the United States.

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