Ten Two

  • Orlando, FL 32837, United States
Band: Original Acoustic Alternative Pop Punk

"Ten Two is JB"

Ten Two is JB. Having spent the larger part of the last decade as the song writing front man of Alternative Rock band Still The Sky’s Limit, when the time arrived that saw the tides of change approaching, Johnny B. came to a crossroads. The fork proposed two options: An end of days in the realm of performing music, or to continue on in uncharted waters, those of a solo artist. The crux of the matter was that he loved playing music, so the choice was a simple one. This journey was just beginning, and as such, this new path needed a name to match.

Upon delving into the solo musical endeavor, Johnny B. knew he wanted to capture the idea that this was a deeply personal undertaking, and on the same note wished to harness the simplicity within that adventure. Thus, Ten Two was born. It is both as simple yet as personal as Johnny B.’s initials. A stage name bearing the very namesake of the individual commencing the rhythmic exploration; there was no more fitting a moniker. With the blessings of the departing Still The Sky’s Limit band members, the journey into independence could begin.

Ten Two began as simply a voice, an acoustic guitar, and a bevy of songs. These songs became a demo recording entitled “X II” in the spring of 2016. Immediately thereafter, Ten Two hit the roads of the Western United States for his first solo tour. Following this experience, which proved the viability of Ten Two as a solo performing artist, and merely days upon his return home to Orange County, California, Johnny B. was afforded an opportunity he could not pass up: a relocation 3000 miles across the country to Orlando, Florida. This opportunity has facilitated the ability to independently create a new album of music. But within the process of creating this album, Johnny B. realized that he was not satisfied with merely an acoustic offering, as Alternative Rock songs were also at the core of his love of writing, recording, and performing. To satiate this need for the dual creative outlet, the decision was made in which the new album would be split into two sides: Side A and Side B. Side A would consist of the full band, Alternative Rock side of Ten Two, while Side B would remain firmly entrenched within the acoustic singer/songwriter realm that continued to be a crucial part of Johnny B.’s love of music.

Moving forward remains the one true method of growing. Ten Two knew that the only way to keep trekking was to not find himself cornered in reminiscing about the past. What could have been matters not, what is is what one can hold on to. Therefore, this album that delves into the personal conquest of continuing onward is entitled “Forth”. On one hand it grasps the past, as it is the fourth true album release that Johnny B. has been a part of over the course of his musical journey, and on the other it reaches for the future, going forth into the next phase of the musical expedition. Two sides that combine to encompass the loud, the calm, and everything in between. From soaring, dueling guitar leads to a rhythmic, melodic acoustic styling, the instrumentation maintains its own winding, intricate sonic storytelling, while lyrically each song captures a moment within the spectrum of a lifetime of relationships; from romantic to friendship to hardship. “Forth” tells the tales of the human condition that will strike a chord within the hearts and minds of those who offer an ear to take a listen.

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