Impossible BW

  • San Diego, CA 92105, United States
Band: Original Psychedelic

"If you aren't having fun at an Impossible BW show, you aren't high enough."

Impossible BW is an American psychedelic synth-pop trio from California, formed in 2014 by guitarist Ian Hudson and producer Jason Brockman. Musically, they are known for combining innovative synthesizer sounds with heavily effected guitar work and unique organic percussion. The addition of pianist Jeff Wilson in 2015 brought elements of classic rock, modern soul, and jazz to their signature atmospheric synths, droning basslines, and plucky guitar riffs. The group’s eclectic first album was destroyed in a tragic studio fire, with only a few highly sought after bootleg copies ever being released. Working now on their third studio album, they believe that in order to produce music that speaks to others on a higher level consciousness, they must record while in this state during the creative process. Says Hudson, “I think we have tried hard to experience our own music while on a multitude of substances, but mostly, it has been a shitload of whiskey and beer.”

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