The Higgs

  • Orange County, CA, United States
Band: Original Improvisational Jam band Progressive Psychedelic Southern Rock

"Cosmic California Rock"

The Higgs are a four piece Cosmic California Rock band from Orange, CA. The four members include John Lovero (Guitar/Vocals), Garret Morris (Drums), David Barsky (Bass/Vocals), and Jesse August Jennings (Keys/Organ/Synth). Blending the sounds of Southern Rock with the vibe of Southern California, the Higgs blur musical boundaries weaving between blues, reggae, alt-rock, prog and jam rock into what can only be referred to as Cosmic California Rock.

Formerly The Higgs Boson, in 2012 the band changed it’s name to simply “The Higgs” and have never looked back. The Higgs are currently promoting their new EP "CHANGE" and continuing to bring Higgs music to the West Coast and beyond.

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