Shotgun Jefferson

  • Lake Arrowhead, CA, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Country Pop Rock


Birthed out of a Co-writing endeavor to pitch Country songs to major Country music artists, Jeff Zazueta and Nate Howell decided to take their song writing efforts to the Live realm and not just be the writers, but also the artists. Both Jeff and Nate come from extensive musical backgrounds, primarily in the Rock genre. Jeff, a Southern California Native, has been the Front man and writer bands such as, "Hazner", "Stigma", and his present band, "As you were". Through his career, his writing landed him music placements in movies such as, "Without a paddle", and "Epic Movie". Nate Howell, a North Carolina native, leads the creative fore running of this country project, known as "Shotgun Jefferson". Nate was raised in the dirty south and has plenty of real life experiences that him and Jeff write about and create commercially viable country songs with. Nate has been a Recording engineer for 18 years, and a song writer for most of those years as well. He toured with the signed christian rock band, "7-miles", as the drummer, and most recently the front man and writer of "Lo-Fi Limo".

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