Jupiter 2.0

  • Long Beach, CA, United States
Band: Original Alternative Pop Punk Rock

"Alternative, Punkpop, Rock"

Jupiter 2.0 is the current version of the 1980s band "Jupiter" - a staple of the new wave-punk-alternative scene of the Sunset Strip, Hollywood and southern California. Their 1980 album "Multiple Choice" was in rotation on KROQ and was even KROQ's "go-to" band when headliners cancelled on KROQ events.

Today performing as a duo-flex band, Jupiter 2.0 performances include their unique mix of fun combined with their distinctive brand of alternative music -- featuring selections from their 1980's albums "Multiple Choice", "The Rich & Famous Collection" and 2016's "Destiny, Free-Will & Chaos" as well as brand new material plus some surprising covers!

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