Unstoppable Force

  • Orange County, CA, United States
Band: Original Metal

"We're the band your mother warned you about... which is weird. We thought she'd warn you about more important things... like cream cheese."

We're a band dedicated to bringing an energetic live performance for the sole purpose of entertaining the crowd.  Our songs are progressive and deal with serious issues, but they contain a humorous edge in them that guarantees a fun performance even if you don't like the music.  A majority of the people that watch our live show can't help but smile at our antics and, most of all, remember what they saw.


Unstoppable Force rose from the ashes of a Slayer tribute band after Sean Goodwin and Brandon Leming made the decision to start finally making original music.  The goal was to create a thrash metal band that differentiated itself through progressive ideas.  It did not take long for the first album, “An Immovable Object”, to be composed.  However, the album still needed lyrical content.

Michael Douthwright entered the mix after showing interest in being a part of the band.  Lyrics were written and vocal tracks started to be recorded.  Of course, albums cannot be completed without the promise of playing those tracks live.  The problem was the lack of a bassist in the band.

After some minor searching, Nicolai Thornton was offered the position of bassist and Unstoppable Force finally had the 4 members it needed to be considered complete.  The album was finished and released, and the band took to the stages in the Southern California area to promote the album.

The shows did not last too long.  After four months of playing live, Unstoppable Force simply stopped playing.  The band members started to drift apart from each other, and the band seemed to almost disappear from existence.

After a year of Unstoppable Force’s nonexistence, Emmanuel Medina showed interest in playing drums for the band.  Sean Goodwin, Michael Douthwright, and Nicolai Thornton came back to the band to see if Unstoppable Force could be revived.

It was.  Sean Goodwin wrote more music, and Michael Douthwright wrote more lyrics.  Over time, another album was composed.  During the composition period, Nicolai Thornton was replaced by David “Starkiller” Rivas.

Unstoppable Force, two years after the release of the first album, is now getting ready to record its second album.  More shows are destined to be played, and they are designed to give a taste of what’s to come.  It’s only a matter of time to see the result of Unstoppable Force’s collision with the rest of the world.

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