Valdivia X

  • Long Beach, CA, United States
Band: Original Alternative Electronic Rock

"Rock Surrealism, Performance Art"

Valdivia X is a Long Beach based rock duo, performing music infused with powerful statements about the world we live in, with a sound ranging from industrial-tinged blues guitar, dark-wave rock, to melancholy ballads, featuring male and female lead vocals.

Rock Surrealism, Performance Art, Valdivia X is a mongrel amalgamation of cultural and technological juxtaposition very much defined and extruded by the "Los Angeles" living experience and all of it's multi faceted social permutations. Maintaining a core reverence for proto African/American Rock constructs Valdivia X unapologetically utilizes Asian, Mexican/Day of the Dead/Native American visual motifs driven by computer based virtual instruments,sequencing,highly distorted,processed guitars and vocals. "Life is far too important to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde.

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