• Upland, CA 91784, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original Acoustic Alternative Classic Rock Indie Rock

"A highly motivating and exhilarating performance with a party atmosphere. Featuring songs of inspiration and passion field enthusiasm."

Remember the days of buying an album with all the artwork, pictures, and words that you could actually read and hear? Rock albums always had some sort of theme that went along with the music. For those of you that don’t or it was before your time to enjoy that wonderful experience, LedBeat is here to give you that experience. Enjoy the tunes.We love the rewarding process of starting with a catchy melody and turning it into a complete song. When we write a song we usually refer to life’s ups and downs. Our life experience is our guide.LedBeat consists of five members, four of them childhood friends who grew up together in Hacienda Heights, California, and always had a passion for music and a love of writing, playing and singing songs. The Members of LedBeat are: Don Ledbetter - Guitar, backing vocalsGreg Ledbetter - Guitar, backing vocalsSteve Montano - Lead vocals Steve Hirai – Bass guitar, vocalsMike Jameson – Drums, backing vocalsThe Ledbetter brothers have been playing guitar since Junior High, where they learned girls dig guitar players with long blonde hair. Steve Montano and Don Ledbetter met each other in the first grade and have been best friends ever since, or as long as Don would let Steve win in tennis. Greg Ledbetter and Steve Hirai met in the third grade and have been best friends ever since. They started playing music together around the sixth grade and never stopped, amassing a compilation of over 200 songs. We all played in other bands over the years, but nothing ever lasted.LedBeat officially formed in March of 2009, at the suggestion of Greg to Don that he should call up Steve to come over for a recording session, to perform some of old songs so we could digitize them and keep them forever. We were so happy with the results, and having so much fun playing together again, we started playing every Friday night.Drummer Mike Jameson joined the band in 2016. Mike has 23 years of experience playing drums and singing backup vocals in hard rock bands throughout Southern California.Our first CD is called “Never Too Late” and the title says it all for us. LedBeat has recently released its second CD, “No Regrets”. Both CDs are currently available on iTunes.LedBeat has opened for such acts as the Motels, Missing Persons, BulletBoys, Uli John Roth, Pat Travers and a host of others. All LedBeat's songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, and a host of other retailers. In addition, LedBeat’s songs are streamed regularly on Spotify, YouTube, Rumblefish, Rhapsody and others.

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