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Born Divine had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan. Through positive building and a mutual respect for the music industry, Born Divine and Cappadonna were able to build a genuine rapport with each other. He was then asked to be a feature on Cappadonna’s next album, ‘The Transition Volume 1’. Around the same time, Born Divine was invited by an artist called E the Poet Emcee and his company, Torchlight Entertainment, to be a part of and function as an artist with Torchlight Records.

After his feature with Cappadonna, Born performed with him at Club Sonar (Baltimore, MD), and then the pair performed at the Thunder Dome (Baltimore, MD). It was these performances that paved the way for Born Divine to go on tour with Cappadonna. The tour started in Phoenix, Arizona and ended in South Beach Miami, Florida (Clubs Teaser and Drink), Mr. Divine appeared again with Cappadonna on a 2nd tour called “The Clash of the Titans Tour” along with other reputable, underground emcees such as Killah Priest and RA the Rugged man. The tour took them to places like Burlington, Vermont (Club Nectars), Portland, Maine, and Troy, New York. Born and Cappadonna was also seen performing with Prodigal Sunn at the Terrace Restaurant (Pasadena, CA) and at the Best End Café (Newark, DE).


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