Band O Loko

  • Eureka, CA 95501, United States
Band: Cover Band: Original 00's Classic Rock Surf

"Surf Rock - Classic Rock - Rock of Ages"

Band O Loko emerged during spring of 2016 when Kevin Held and Rod Hans came together to write and produce a new style of surf songs. Previously the two had done some recordings and played a few local clubs and festivals but this noble first project went the way of many a band when previous commitments got in the way. As time went on a new window of opportunity presented itself and created a reason to collaborate again. It wasn't long before Don's Neighbors Studios was rockin to the sound of some wicked cool surf tunes.

With Rod's concept of "surf music fast forward forty years", eight new songs were born within a matter of months. The first song, SurfTango, featured Kevin on the drums and set the tone of the project. The track sounded so great that with it they were able to convince an awesome percussionist, Slade Anderson, to come in and lay down the next seven tracks. Adding his expertise to the creative process amped up the energy so much that the momentum behind the new songs started to feel like riding a big wave.

It didn't take long to figure out this new flavor of music needed to be shared with other folks, so the two started warming up to another band project and to coming up with a really cool name to represent the musical magic that was happening. After a bit of deliberation it was agreed that the official name of this newly formed writing and performing act would be Band O Loko.

Spirits are high and these talented musicians are feelin the buzz from the righteous jam sessions they are bringing to you live, over the air waves and surfin the world wide web.

That's the story and the rest as they say "Is History"

The History of "Band O Loko".

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