The Mad Ones

  • Orange County, CA, United States
Band: Original Rock

"We play songs. You listen. Everyone wins."

What do you get when you mix together a singer-songwriter, ambient guitarist, blues bassist, and jazz drummer who all love 70s rock, great beer, and the Oxford comma? Generally something awful and self-destructive. In this case however, you get THE MAD ONES - a band greater than the sum of its parts due to four guys that just want to be part of something great. It’s equal parts anthemic rock, soaring melodies, and socially aware lyrics delivered with a wink and a smile. It’s a poker game between Temple of the Dog, Explosions in the Sky, Sunny Day Real Estate and Leonard Cohen that breaks into a full brawl because Led Zeppelin showed up uninvited. It’s everything not bad. The band hails from Orange County, CA and played together for several years on various projects before finally changing their status to “in a relationship” in 2015 and officially announcing THE MAD ONES. They are currently recording songs for their debut release.

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