Get More Gigs Using Muzaic

Did you know that Promoters and Talent Buyers are 10 times more likely to send you opportunities if your Muzaic profile has music, videos, and the bio of a “working” band?

Below are some tips on how to improve your chances of getting a gig.

1. Make your tagline descriptive such as “Hard working, L.A. based, Alt-Metal band, Social media warriors, Battle of the bands winners”. Next to your profile photo, this is what creates the strongest first impression. 


2. Live videos beat promotional videos, always. Promoters want to see your stage presence, and how you engage the audience.


3. Sort your music files with your best songs on the top of the list. This will make it the first song played in your profile.


4. You bio is your sales pitch, not a history lesson. List your accomplishments, what makes your band unique, and why someone would want to hire you.


5. Be honest about your draw. You might have 10,000 social media followers, but how many of them will actually show up to your gig?


6. Unless you’re a cover band that can play just about any style of music on request, selecting 3-4 genres is good enough and ensures you get matched with the right opportunities.


7. Keep your schedule as open as possible. Only block out the dates when you’re out of town or when you absolutely can’t play a show. 


8. List all and only the Compensation types that you’re open to. Never accepted tips before? Maybe you’ve never asked.


If you think about your Muzaic profile as your professional resume instead of your fan page, you’ll be ahead of the game! And nothing says "professional" more than attention to details.
It's easy! Login to, select Edit Profile, and get ‘er done!
Happy Gigging!



Vinay Kathuria is the Founder and CEO of Muzaic- a free service for booking talent and getting gigs. website: | social: @muzaicshows