• Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Original Electronic

"About publishing digital + sound art editions since 2000."

LINE, a programmatic platform with a strong inclination towards the visual arts and multimedia, born from the desire to take the tactile qualities of audio installations to listeners' living rooms. Since 2000 the LINE imprint, curated and art directed by Richard Chartier, has continued to publish documents of compositional and installation work by international sound artists and composers exploring the aesthetics of contemporary and digital minimalism as limited edition Compact Discs and DVDs. The premiere release on LINE, Chartier's Series (LINE_001) was awarded Honorable Mention in the category of Digital Music by the prestigious Prix Ars Electronica, the International Competition for CyberArts, 2001 (Austria). In 2007 LINE's first DVD release, Camera Lucida (LINE_030) by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand accompanied by sound works by an array of noted artists was awarded Honorable Mention in the field of Honorary Mentions in the category of Hybrid Art by Prix Ars Electronica. LINE releases continue to garner critical acclaim from the music and art press around the world.

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