Terminal A

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
Band: Original Rock

"Manifest destiny dies on the West Coast, Peter Handke was a bluesman."

Terminal A is an Industrial/Synth Punk duo formed in late 2012 by vocalist Colin Peterson and guitarist Lee Busch. The group consists of vocals and heavily processed guitar played live over programmed backtracks. The music is a blend of wide-ranging influences, including minimal early Electronic music and early L.A. Punk Rock and Hardcore Punk , as well as the Modernist and performance art movements of the 20th century. They have gigged in Southern California consistently, opening for the likes of Rikk Agnew, Gitane Demone, and Chrome, and have toured the west coast of the US and Canada alongside Portland’s Shadowhouse, with whom they released a split 7” in 2015. They also released a split 7" with dark electronic artist Sashcloth & Axes in 2013, and a 5-song debut EP on Hollywood’s Records Ad Nauseam. One of L.A. Weekly’s 15 Bands to Watch in 2015. “If you live in southern California and haven’t seen these guys yet, you’re missing out… Fans of bands like Fad Gadget and The Screamers will love these guys.” – Razorcake “Terminal A make music with all the goth-punk energy of The Misfits and the minimal synth artiness of Fad Gadget.” – L.A. Weekly “A local favorite…. Terminal A is nothing less than a weirdly fascinating duo.” – OC Weekly “...L.A.’s most viscerally deconstructed synth punk duo. Preprogrammed backing tracks, a guitarist and a singer. That’s the entire live act. But then there’s vocalist Colin Peterson and his incomparable acrobatics. Imagine Iggy Pop in his peanut butter-era filtered through a childhood devoted to ballet.” - FLAUNT Magazine “…An updated, West Coast version of Suicide, all guttural intention and beautifully destroyed melody. The fact they’re a duo may be a coincidence but can’t help but add to that impression of a slightly debauched but serrated force to be reckoned with. The band we want playing when California finally does fall into the ocean.” – Stereo Embers Magazine

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