The Trims

  • San Jose, CA, USA
Band: Cover Band: Original Indie

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"San Jose’s The Trims already have a storied history in the whirlwind 5 years since their inception in 2010. They’ve been featured on MTV’s “The Real World,” played at the Converse flagship store in downtown SF, and will be playing Red Gorilla Fest in March in Austin, TX and Bottle Rock Napa in May. The list is extensive and comprehensive for the Bay Area foursome, who has taken a special step on their latest recording. The buzz is deafening for the post-punk, disco-laden act, and the buzz goes on with the release of their third E.P. “Vida.” The collection proves to be a distinctively personal trail in growth, loss, angst and movement; emotionally and musically. Never abandoning their danceable, early 80s, pre-shoegaze feel, the band expands itself while maintaining a sound that made them one of the brightest act in the South bay. Singer/Guitarist, Gabe Maciel, continues on his not-quite-Peter-Murphy-not-quite-Interpol/The Doors/Joy Division style vocals and guitar, Mark Sharp's bass continues his not quite Andy Rourke not quite Peter Hook and Bill Brady (drums) continues their ‘dance or we’ll chop-block you’ style. But there is a variance - the kind of variance that shows the evolutionary arc of a great band on their way to breaking out into the mainstream music scene."

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